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College of Education, Health and Human Services
School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration

300 White Hall
Tel: 330-672-2012

The Disability Studies and Community Inclusion certificate is multidisciplinary and prepares students to work with individuals with disabilities in a variety of community settings. The certificate enhances a student's career by helping them understand the nature of disabilities; the meaning of disability in society; social, political and health implications of disability; and methods of making society more inclusive to those who live with disabilities.

Type Course Title Credits
  RPTM 26001 Introduction to Community Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities 3
  RPTM 46001 Principles and Methods of Community Inclusion 3



Psychology of Adjustment
Inequality in Society
  Choose from the following: 7
DG ANTH 48250 Culture and Curing (3)  
  ARTE 41002 Art Education: Foundations and Concepts-Secondary (3)  
  ARTE 41003 Art Education: Field Experience (3)  
  BSCI 30130 Human Physiology (3)  
  BUS 10123 Exploring Business (3)  
DD COMM 26000 Criticism and Public Discourse (3)  
DG COMM 35852 Intercultural Communication (3)  
  COMM 45459 Communication and Conflict (3)  
  COMM 45960 Health Communications (3)  
KSS CRIM 26704 Issues in Law and Society  
KFA/DG DAN 27076 Dance as an Art Form (3)  
  DAN 37057 Dance for Children (3)  
  ENG 37101 Critical Rhetorical Studies of Texts in Context (3)  
  ENG 39895 Special Topics in Rhetoric, Composition and Writing (3)  
  HDFS 44020 Adolescent Development (3)  
  HDFS 44021 Family Interventions Across the Lifespan (3)  
  PEP 45037 Adapted Physical Education (3)  
  PHIL 21001 Introduction to Ethics (3)  
  PHIL 40005 Health Care Ethics (3)  
  PLST 38003 Administrative Law and Processes (3)  
  POL 40320 Ethics and Public Policy (3)  
  PSYC 31532 Social Psychology (3)  
  RPTM 36040 Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Leisure Services (3)  
  SOC 22570 Understanding Differences and Inequality (3)  
SOC 22778 Social Problems (3)  
  SOC 32400 Individual and Society (3)  
  SOC 32510 Sociology of Work (3)  
  SOC 42563 Sociology of Health and Health Care (3)  
DD SPED 23000 Introduction to Exceptionalities (3)  
  SPED 43030 Applied Behavior Analysis I: Theory and Techniques (3)  
  SPED 43050 Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Intervention Needs (3)  
  SPED 43051 Characteristics of Students with Moderate/Intensive Intervention Needs (3)  
  SPED 43070 Planning and Programming for Transitions (3)  
  SPED 43309 Introduction to Deaf Studies (3)  
RPTM 46096 Individual Investigation may be completed as a capstone course. It can be in conjunction with a required or elective course, in which case course credit hours are determined by faculty and student at registration; or as a stand alone course. 


Note: Courses above were selected based on the Guidelines for Disability Studies Programs established by the Society for Disability Studies.