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College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies

109 Satterfield Hall
Tel: 330-672-2150

The Business Russian minor offers core courses in language, culture and conversation/texts for business purposes, and is especially well-suited for combination with a business or marketing major.


Attribute Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Attribute Course Title Credits Min. Grade
  RUSS 12201 Elementary Russian I (4)    
  RUSS 12202 Elementary Russian II (4)    
  RUSS 12211 Elementary Russian I Recitation (1)    
  RUSS 12212 Elementary Russian II Recitation (1)    
  RUSS 22201 Intermediate Russian I (4)    
  RUSS 22202 Intermediate Russian II (4)    
  RUSS 22211 Intermediate Russian I Recitation (1)    
  RUSS 22212 Intermediate Russian II Recitation (1)    
Attribute Course Title Credits Min. Grade
  MCLS 30420 Foreign Language and Culture Studies 3  
  RUSS 32201 Intensive Russian Grammar 3  
  RUSS 32211 Russian Composition and Conversation 3  
  RUSS 32215 Russian Phonetics and Diction 3  
  RUSS 32240 Conversation for Business and Special Purposes: Russian 1 3  
ELR RUSS 32421 Russian Civilization 3  
  RUSS 42240 Business and Special Texts: Russian 1 3  
  1. RUSS 32240 is offered only in the spring of even-numbered years, and RUSS 42240 is offered only in the fall of even-numbered years. Students should consult with the department about exact scheduling.


Note: Prerequisites may be satisfied with demonstrated language proficiency.

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Minimum cumulative 2.000 GPA.
  2. Students must complete at least two upper-division courses in the minor at Kent State on a graded basis (A-F).