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College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology

127 Aeronautics and Technology Building
Tel: 330-672-2892
Fax: 330-672-2894

The Sustainability minor gives students a basic knowledge of sustainability and allows them to address a specific area within sustainability. The minor consists of basic courses addressing the three main components of sustainability and an integrated series of upper-division courses related to applications of this basic principle.

Attribute Legend: DD Diversity-Domestic; DG Diversity-Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Attribute Course Title Credits Min Grade
  TECH 27210 Introduction to Sustainability 3  
ELR TECH 33092 Cooperative Education-Professional Development 1-3  
  Choose six credit hours from the following 6  
KBS BSCI 10002 Life on Planet Earth (3)    
KBS CHEM 10030 Chemistry in our World (3)    
KSS ECON 22060 Principles of Microeconomics (3)    
  ENTR 27056 Introduction to Entrepeneurship (3)    
KSS GEOG 10160 Introduction to Geography (3)    
General College Physics I 1 (4)     and
General College Physics Laboratory I 1(1)
KBS PHY 21430 Frontiers in Astronomy (3)    
  MIS 24163 Principles of Management (3)    
KSS SOC 12050 Introduction to Sociology (3)    
  Choose nine credit hours from the following 9  
  ARCS 30421 The Environmental Imperative (3)    
  ECON 32084 Economics of the Environment (3)    
  FDM 35012 Sustainability in Fashion (3)    
  GEOG 36065 Cities and Urbanization (3)    
  GEOG 41073 Conservation of Natural Resources (3)    
  MIS 44009 Business Case for Sustainability (3)    
  MIS 44062 Supply Chain Management (3)    
  RPTM 36083 Environmental Education and Conservation (3)    
  TECH 47210 Sustainable Energy I (3)    
  TECH 47211 Sustainable Energy II (3)    
  1. These two courses are co-requisites and must be taken together.