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Policies governing withdrawal from the college are predicated on the following definitions: A student who requests withdrawal prior to the seventh week of the semester withdraws from the program with the notation “W” and no grades recorded on his/her transcript. In order to return to the college, students must reapply, following the application procedures established by the college. Student who request withdrawal after seven weeks of course instruction will receive the notation “WP” on their transcript for each course/rotation if passing, or the notation “WF” if failing. In order to return to the college, students must reapply, following the application procedures administered by the college.

The correct procedure to follow for a student wishing to withdraw with either classification is as follows:

  1. Student wishing to withdraw secures the “Withdrawal Form” from the Office of Academic Affairs, completes the form, returns the completed form to the Office of Academic Affairs and arranges an appointment to meet with the senior associate dean.
  2. After meeting with the senior associate dean of academic affairs, the student must meet with a representative in library services to determine if any fines have been incurred, and if so, to make arrangements to have them paid.
  3. The student must arrange to have an “exit interview” with the financial aid personnel. This interview is required under various federal statutes for borrowers of funds with federal subsidies and is, therefore, mandatory.
  4. After securing the necessary approvals on the Withdrawal Request form, the student returns the completed and approved forms to the Office of Student Academic Services for final authorization by the director of student academic services.

NOTE: The official date of withdrawal is the date on which the student begins the withdrawal process. Approval will only be granted by the director of student academic services if all other signatures and approvals have been affixed to the Withdrawal Request form.

A student who leaves the college without proper notice or without following the withdrawal policy will automatically be withdrawn from the college by the Office of Academic Affairs after two attempts to contact the student without an adequate response or failure to respond.

Upon return to campus duties from either a medical withdrawal or personal leave of absence, the college administrators may request a third-party assessment to meet compliance that the student is in full readiness for “return to campus,” ensuring the student is able to fully meet educational and/or clinical obligations. This intent serves to protect the student, the college and the greater community. All efforts will be made to maintain confidentiality and discretion for all involved parties.

For more information on Kent State University’s policies and procedures for grading, please refer to the Academic Policies section in this Catalog.