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The Examination Policies apply to all scheduled examinations, including exams specially scheduled to accommodate students with approved modifications in their exam schedule.

  1. The examinations for all courses are scheduled for the entire year and are listed in the Academic Calendar.
  2. Exams will be held in the classrooms unless otherwise indicated. No books, papers, notes, calculators, cell phones, watches, tablets, tablets, iPods, beepers, pagers, pens, pencils, markers, food, drink, backpacks or any other personal items are permitted in the room during an exam. Outerwear such as gloves, coats, hats and hoodies and handbags cannot be brought to the exam seat. Students should place their belongings in a locker prior to the exam. Restroom visits, taking medication and other personal needs must be taken care of prior to the students taking their assigned seat.
  3. The use of cell phones, pagers, beepers or any other forms of electronic communication during examinations is strictly forbidden. No electronic communication devices are permitted in the exam room. Students engaging in unauthorized electronic communication are subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Wearing colored glasses and/or hats, which interfere with the proctors’ full view of students’ eyes, are not permitted in the exam room.
  5. All students must have their exam downloaded prior to entering the classroom.
  6. Students are expected to be waiting outside the classroom 10 minutes before the start of the exam to ensure proper connection to Exam Soft. Students may enter the examination room only when permitted by the proctors. Students cannot start the exam until instructed to do so.
  7. Students will not be permitted to leave the exam room less than 30 minutes following the start of the exam.
  8. The official exam clock is clock on the Symposium. When the exam time expires, the exam administrator announces that the exam the computer has ended and instructs all students to close their exams and upload them to Exam Soft. No student, whether late arriving or not, will be given extra time to complete their exam. Once students begin an exam, no excuse will be accepted for failure to complete it.
  9. Students arriving 30 minutes or more after the scheduled start of an exam will automatically receive a zero points for the exam, unless they can demonstrate that they have a valid reason and have received an excused absence.
  10. Recurrent tardiness will not be tolerated. Two tardy incidents will result in a professionalism deficiency evaluation. Additional tardy incidents may result in disciplinary action. Tardiness is defined as arriving 30 minutes or more after the scheduled start of the exam.
  11. Students must confirm upload of exam before leaving the exam room and must check out at the desk outside the classroom door.
  12. Because of special circumstances in administering laboratory practical examinations, students should not arrive late. A student late for a laboratory exam may be permitted to enter the exam at the discretion of the faculty member (or designee). Students arriving late will not be given extra time to view questions that they missed because they arrived late.
  13. Only the course coordinator can grant an excused absence for an exam (didactic, lab, clinical). The following are examples of valid reasons for missing an exam: illness requiring objective evidence from a valid health care provider, hospitalization, death in the immediate family, incarceration or other compelling circumstance that may occur during a scheduled exam period or on an exam date. Students must provide written documentation. The following examples are not valid reasons for missing an exam: sleeping late, loitering nearby, lack of awareness of the exam time, forgetting the exam time, efforts to continue studying, traffic excuses and pre-arranged personal travel.
  14. Students who miss an exam receive zero points for that exam. If students have a valid reason for missing the exam, they are responsible for contacting the course coordinator within 24 hours of the administration of the exam. If a student has a valid reason, an excused absence is granted only by the course coordinator. The course coordinator’s decision is final with no right of appeal. The course coordinator notifies the director of student academic services that the students were granted an excused absence, and the zero points are removed from their record.
  15. If an excused absence is granted, the students and course coordinator arrange for a make-up exam. Failure of a student to secure an excused absence will result in zero points for that exam. Failure of the student to take the make-up examination at the agreed-upon date and time will result in zero points for that exam. See below for make-up examinations.
  16. Absences, due to religious observance, from required activities, such as scheduled exams and quizzes, lab practical and clinical rotations, must be cleared in advance by bringing legitimate documentation to the Office of Academic Affairs prior to the beginning of the semester or clinical rotation.
  17. Absences, due to seminar attendance, are only permitted for students who actively participate in the research project being presented at the seminar. Absences from required activities such as scheduled exams and quizzes, lab practical and clinical rotations, must be cleared in advance with the course coordinator and Office of Academic Affairs prior to the seminar. Students are responsible for all missed material and assignments. Examinations will be made up according to the Makeup Examination policy. Seminar attendance is a privilege, not a right. The faculty advisor will have final ruling regarding seminar attendance.
  18. Students are responsible for checking the accuracy of all posted scores, (didactic exams, quizzes, lab practical, etc.), course or rotation grades or other forms of evaluation within seven calendar days of posting or receipt. No challenge will be considered or adjustment made after that period.

Make-Up Examinations

Make-up examinations for excused absences from exams must be taken within 10 school days of the students’ return to school. Students must contact in writing the appropriate course coordinators within two school days (48 hours) of their return to school to schedule the time and date of the makeup examinations. If there is insufficient time to take the make-up examinations, because of conflicts with scheduled examinations, the make-up examinations must be taken within two school days (48 hours) of the conclusion of regularly scheduled examinations. Students’ failure to adhere to the aforementioned timelines will result in the loss of their eligibility for a make-up exam. Students will receive zero points for the exam. The format of the make-up exam is at the discretion of the course coordinator.