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Any student with two course failures in one academic year will be academically dismissed from the College of Podiatric, and may appeal, but not continue. Failures are cumulative across an academic year.

A student who fails a remedial course or rotation will be academically dismissed from the college with the right to appeal.

A student repeating the year who fails any course or clinical rotation will be summarily dismissed from the college without the right to appeal.

Please refer to the policies for Dismissal, Appeal and Reinstatement in the Academic Policies section of this Catalog for more information.

Student Appeals

Students are informed of their academic status by e-mail and certified mail from the Office of Student Academic Services. Academic status refers to a student’s situation concerning academic probation, dismissal and/or repeat-the-year status. Students shall have the right to appeal the decision regarding their academic status by requesting, in writing, a hearing before the Academic Appeals Committee. A form requesting an appearance before this committee may be obtained from the Office of Student Academic Services, and must be filed with this office on or before the date specified on the academic status letter. Students shall present information either verbally and/or in writing to the committee, but must be present for the hearing. The decision of the committee is final.

When one of the following specific actions is taken concerning students enrolled at College of Podiatric Medicine, a notation will be made on their transcript: “academic probation” or “academic dismissal.”

Protocol of the Academic Appeals Committee

  1. The purpose of the committee is to allow the student due process in the event of their academic dismissal. The committee listens to the student’s appeal and ultimately renders a decision concerning the student’s ability to successfully master the curriculum.
  2. Membership of the Academic Appeals Committee is as follows:
    1. Voting members
      1. four faculty members
      2. senior associate dean of academic affairs
    2. Non-voting members
      1. director of student academic services
      2. academic program coordinator
  3. Hearing Procedure
    1. Request
      1. A request for a hearing shall be made by the student in writing to the director of student academic services and shall include a statement of facts summarizing the basis for the appearance. Such requests must be submitted by the deadline specified by the Office of Student Academic Services.
    2. Preparation for Hearing
      1. A written notice of the date, time and place of the hearing shall be given to the committee members, and other faculty members involved and the student requesting the hearing.
      2. At the scheduled meeting, all committee members shall be given a copy of any written statements prepared by the student and access to the student’s academic file.
    3. Hearing
      1. The student must be present at the requested hearing and may make an oral and/or written presentation to the committee.
      2. Attorney or legal counsel for any parties involved may be present in the room during a hearing, but may not participate directly in the hearing. The legal counsel may only advise his/her client.
      3. Letters in support of the student must be submitted in advance of the hearing.
      4. The student (and legal counsel) is excused from the room prior to deliberation.
      5. The committee shall deliberate and formulate a decision in the absence of the involved parties. Votes shall be by ballot. There are two decision options: (1) uphold the dismissal or (2) allow the student to return to the college and continue his/her studies.
      6. The meeting is then adjourned.
      7. The Committee’s decision is final. It is transmitted, in writing, by the director of student academic services to all involved parties.
  4. Privacy of Records and Hearing
    1. The committee will act in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) regarding the information of a student's record.
    2. All proceedings of a hearing are confidential. No member of the committee shall disclose any of the subject matter or discuss these matters with anyone except members of the committee.