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Sport Administration - B.S. Program Requirements PDFDownload to print

Attribute Legend: DD Diversity-Domestic; DG Diversity-Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Attribute Course Title Credits Min Grade
  UC 10097 Destination Kent State: First Year Experience 1 1  
MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (60 credits) Courses count in major GPA
Attribute Course Title Credits Min Grade
  SPAD 15000 Introduction to Sport Administration 3  
DD SPAD 25000 Sport in Society 3  
ELR SPAD 25092 Practicum I in Sport Administration 1  
  SPAD 35021 Governance in Sport 3  
  SPAD 35025 Facility Management 3  
History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity     or
History and Current Issues in Collegiate Athletics
3 C 2
ELR SPAD 35092 Practicum II in Sport Administration 1  
  SPAD 45021 Organization and Administration of Athletics 3  
  SPAD 45022 Event Planning and Production 3  
  SPAD 45023 Sport Marketing 3  
  SPAD 45024 Sport in Global Perspective 3  
  SPAD 45026 Sport and the Media 3  
  SPAD 45027 Public Relations and Promotion in Sport 3  
WIC SPAD 45030 Sport Enterprise 3 C 2
  SPAD 45032 Sales Management in Sport and Entertainment 3  
  SPAD 45091 Seminar for Internship Preparation 1  
ELR SPAD 45092 Internship in Sport Administration 12  
  SPAD 46080 Legal Issues in Sport and Recreation 3  
  Choose from the following: 3  
  BMRT 21004 Introduction to Business Statistics (3)    
KMC MATH 10041 Introductory Statistics (4)    
  MIS 24056 Fundamentals of Business Statistics (3)    
Attribute Course Title Credits Min Grade
  ACCT 23020 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3  
KFA ARCH 10001 Understanding Architecture 3  
KAD COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication 3  
KSS ECON 22060 Principles of Microeconomics 3  
KSS ECON 22061 Principles of Macroeconomics 3  
KMC MATH 11009 Modeling Algebra 4  
  MKTG 25010 Principles of Marketing 3  
KHU/DG PHIL 21001 Introduction to Ethics 3  
General Psychology (3)     or 
Introduction to Sociology (3)
  Kent Core Basic Sciences (must include one laboratory) 6-7  
  Kent Core Composition 6  
  Kent Core Humanities or Fine Arts (minimum one course from each) 3  
  General Electives 3 16  
  1. UC 10097 is not required of transfer students with 25 credits (excluding College Credit Plus) or students age 21+ at time of admission.
  2. A minimum C (2.000) grade must be earned in either SPAD 35065 or SPAD 45030 to fulfill writing-intensive requirement.
  3. Students are required to complete one of the following minors for graduation: Business, Finance, International Business for Non-Business Majors, Management for Non-Business Majors or Marketing. Consult advisor when choosing electives to fulfill minor requirement. A minimum of 6 credit hours in the minor must be outside of the course requirements for any major or other minor the student is pursuing. Consult with advisor when choosing general electives.