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Persons with outstanding undergraduate records or exemplary professional credentials may be eligible for one of the following three enrollments in a combined bachelor's and master’s degree program:

I. Combined Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees for Students Early In Their Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate students who have achieved a GPA of one of the following may apply for early admission to a master’s degree program:

  • 3.500 GPA after 60 semester hours
  • 3.400 GPA after 75 semester hours
  • 3.300 GPA after 90 semester hours
  • 3.200 GPA after 105 semester hours

To successfully apply for a master's program, students must accomplish the following:

  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Complete the Combined Baccalaureate and Master’s Program form, which includes:
    1. Listing of courses at the undergraduate level that need to be taken for the bachelor's degree.
    2. The beginning date for graduate study.
    3. Listing of graduate courses to be used to satisfy the undergraduate degree. (In participating departments/schools, students may apply maximum 12 of their accumulated graduate hours toward the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements as well. The students' undergraduate department will determine the undergraduate coursework for which graduate credits may be substituted). In some departments, graduate coursework may be substituted for elective undergraduate coursework only and cannot be used as substitution within the major. Students should check with the graduate coordinator in their department/school. The selection of the graduate coursework and the number of credits to be applied toward an undergraduate degree requires the approval of the graduate chair in the students' academic department and the appropriate college dean(s).
  3. Provide three letters of recommendation from instructors who are familiar with the students’ achievements and intended academic goals.
  4. Submit any required test scores from standardized examinations.


II. Combined Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees for Specified Professional Programs

Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Students who have earned 90 semester hours and achieved a 3.000 minimum GPA may, with approval of the School of Health Sciences, apply for admission to the combined degree program, which will lead to clinical certification. Admission will be based upon satisfactory GRE scores, three letters of recommendation and completion of the Application for Admission and Combined Baccalaureate and Master’s Program forms.

Combined Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration Degrees

Eligible students must have earned 90 semester hours and meet the GPA requirements listed above in item I.

Combined Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and Master of Business Administration Degree

International Relations students must complete their undergraduate coursework in the first three years of study. In addition, students must pass a language proficiency exam, have a minimum 3.300 cumulative GPA and earn a minimum 525 GMAT score before being admitted to the M.B.A. degree program. In the fourth year of this combined program, students take graduate business courses that are applicable to the undergraduate degree as electives and to the M.B.A. degree as foundation coursework. During the final year, students take advanced graduate business coursework leading to the M.B.A. degree.

Combined Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Master of Business Administration Degree

Eligible students may complete both degrees within five years. Students intending to follow this plan should work closely with their faculty advisor as careful planning and advising are needed to successfully complete the programs in a timely manner. In the freshman year, students are recommended to take MATH 11012 or MATH 12002. Students who have achieved 90 credit hours or more in the Fashion Merchandising program (beginning of the junior year) and have a minimum 3.300 GPA may apply for conditional admission to the M.B.A degree program. This application must occur no later than April 1 of the student's junior year. The GMAT exam must be completed with an appropriately high score at the time application is made.

Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees in Visual Communication Design

This is a five-year degree program with optional concentrations in 2-D graphic design, 3-D graphic design and illustration. Students who pass the junior portfolio review, complete a minimum of 90 semester hours, demonstrate excellence in formal organization, conceptual problem-solving abilities and technical skills and maintain a minimum 3.00 overall GPA and a 3.25 in the major will be invited or may petition to enter this program. An overall GPA of 3.000 and a major GPA of 3.000 in both the bachelor’s and master’s programs will be required for graduation.

Combined Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing Degrees

This is an accelerated combined degree program for undergraduate Nursing students who have completed 60 semester hours and meet the GPA requirements list above in item I. Qualified students may apply by completing an application for admission to the Master of Science in Nursing  program of choice and gaining approval from the appropriate graduate faculty program director. A plan of substituting selected master’s core courses for selected undergraduate courses should be carefully worked out with the faculty advisor. Following graduation and passing the state licensing examination (NCLEX-RN), students’ M.S.N. degree application may be activated for admission into the selected concentration.

Combined Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Gerontology and Nursing Home Administration and Master of Business Administration Degree
This combined program is designed for gerontology students who, upon graduation, want to secure administrative positions in the nursing home industry. 6 MBA requirements may be substituted with specific undergraduate courses.


III. Non-Traditional Master’s Degree Student

In rare instances, persons who have not completed a baccalaureate will be considered for admission to the appropriate graduate unit due to unusual and exemplary experiential learning. Such applicants may apply for admission by presenting for departmental consideration a curricular plan encompassing undergraduate and graduate coursework to achieve a liberal educational background and professional graduate degree and three letters of recommendation attesting to their potential for graduate study. Upon departmental recommendation and the approval of the college dean, applicants will be admitted to undertake graduate work. Upon successful completion of the curricular plan and the particular master’s degree requirements, the students will be awarded the master’s degree.