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College of the Arts
School of Music

E101 Kent State University's Center for the Performing Arts
Tel: 330-672-2172

The Music minor provides a basic understanding of music literature, theory and performance. Prospective students take a theory placement test and audition in piano, voice, or on a traditional orchestral/band instrument before beginning their studies.

Type Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Type Course Title Credits
  MUS 11121 Theory 3
    11122 Theory 3
KFA MUS 22111 The Understanding of Music (music major section) 3
    Applied music 36000-level courses (2 semesters) 4
    Major ensemble courses (2 semesters) 2
    Music electives
number of elective credit hours depends on meeting minimum 21 total credit hours
  Choose from the following: 2-3
  MUS 18611 Singer's Diction I (1)  
    18612 Singer's Diction II (1)  
    21121 Music Theory to 1750 (3)  
KFA   22121 Music as a World Phenomenon (3)  
    32211 Music History to 1750 (3)  
    32212 Music History from 1750 to 1900 (3)  
    42111 African Music and Cultures (3)  
    42131 America's Music(3)  
    42161 History of Jazz (3)  
    42101 Roots of Rock (3)  

Minimum C (2.000) grade required in all music courses.

Music electives may include additional applied music, major or chamber ensembles or any other music courses for which the students have fulfilled the prerequisite.

Major ensembles include: MUS 45111 University Choir, MUS 45121 Kent Chorus, MUS 45141 KSU Chorale, MUS 45142 Men's Chorus, MUS 45143 Women's Chorus, MUS 45212 Orchestra, MUS 45221 Concert Band and MUS 45223 Wind Ensemble.

Minimum 2.250 GPA in the minor required for graduation.

A transfer student pursuing the music minor must take a minimum of 9 credit hours in music courses at Kent State University including one semester of applied music and one semester of a major ensemble.