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Exercise Physiology - Ph.D. Program Requirements PDFDownload to print

Specific requirements and deficiencies are determined by the student’s academic advisor and filed with the school in the first year. The following course groupings are used as guidelines for program planning:

Course Title Credits
Not included in PHD hours
Up to 9 additional credits of foundational coursework may be required as preparation for the PH.D. plan of studies
ATTR 63018 Ethics for Allied Health Professional (3)  
EXPH 63050 Research Processes in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)  
EXPH 63051 Quantitative and Research Methods in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)  
Course Title Credits
Data Analysis 3
BMS 78637 Bioanthropological Data Analysis I (5)  
BMS 78638 Bioanthropological Data Analysis II (3)  
EVAL 78713 Multvariate Analysis in Educational Research (3)  
EVAL 78728 Educational Statistics III (3)  
EVAL 85515 Quantitative Research Design and Analysis (3)  
or other as approved by faculty advisor  
Exercise Physiology 6
EXPH 75075 Muscle Function and Exercise (3)  
EXPH 75076 Environmental Stress and Exercise (3)  
EXPH 75083 Exercise Energy Metabolism (3)  
EXPH 75084 Cardiovascular-Respiratory Dynamics During Exercise (3)  
Chemistry 3
BSCI 70142 Bioenergetics (3)  
CHEM 70261 Principles of Biochemistry I (3)  
CHEM 70262 Principles of Biochemistry II (3)  
Physiology 6
Neurobiology: System and Behavior (4)     or
Neurobiology: System and Behavior (4)
EXPH 70610 Physiology of Aging (3)  
Any doctoral-level human physiology course, as approved by faculty  
EXPH 73095 Research Seminar (1) must enroll for two semesters 2
EXPH 83098 Research (12) 12
Upon admission to candidacy, each doctoral candidate must register for EXPH 83199 Dissertation I. It is expected that a doctoral candidate will continuously register for Dissertation I for a total of 30 hours, and thereafter EXPH 83299 Dissertation II, each semester (including summer) until all requirements for the degree have been met.
EXPH 83199 Dissertation I (30)