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B.A. College General Requirements PDFDownload to print

Students complete the university's Kent Core and diversity course requirements. Additional courses must be completed in the College General Requirements. Students should consult the College Office if they have questions concerning the applicability of specific coursework to the General Requirements. None of the courses listed as part of the College’s General Requirements may be taken pass/fail.

For the purposes of the General Requirements, students’ major departments are defined as the departments that house the major, field of concentration or interdisciplinary program. For students in double major and dual degree programs, the restrictions on the applicability of major coursework toward the General Requirements are applied to only one of their majors (generally the primary major).

    One additional course taken from the Kent Core Social Sciences courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Applied Conflict Management (CACM), Geography (GEOG), Criminology and Justice Studies (JUS), Political Science (POL), Psychology (PSYC), Sociology (SOC). This course may not be from the student's major.
    One additional course taken from the Kent Core Natural Sciences courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Biological Sciences (BSCI), Chemistry (CHEM), Geography (GEOG), Geology (GEOL), Physics (PHY). This course may not be from the student's major.
    MATH 14001 and 14002 may be used to meet the requirement provided both courses were completed while students were enrolled in another college.
  4. FOREIGN LANGUAGE (14-20 credit hours)*
    Elementary I and II of the same language, plus one of the following options:
            a.) Intermediate I and II of the same language**
            b.) Elementary I and II of a second language
            c.) Any combination of two courses from the following list:
      1. Intermediate I of the same language
      2. MCLS 10001 Introduction to Structural Concepts for Language Students
      3. MCLS 20000 Global Literacy and Cultural Awareness
      4. MCLS 20091 Seminar: Global Literacy Case Studies

*All students with prior foreign language experience should take the foreign language placement test to determine the appropriate level at which to start. Some students may begin their university foreign language experience beyond the Elementary I level and will complete the requirement with fewer credit hours and fewer courses. This may be accomplished by: (1) passing a course beyond the Elementary I through Intermediate II level or (2) receiving credit through Credit by Exam (CBE), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Advanced Placement (AP) exam or credit through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program; or (3) being designated a "native speaker" of a non-English language (consult with the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office for additional Information) . When students complete the requirement with fewer than 14 credit hours and four courses, they will complete the remaining hours with general electives.

**Some degree programs and minors specifically require option a, completing language coursework through Intermediate II. These include majors in American Sign Language (ASL), Classics - Greek and Latin concentrations (CLSS-GRE and CLSS-LAT), English (ENG), French Literature, Culture and Translation (FLCT), French Translation (FRTR), German Literature, Culture and Translation (GLCT), German Translation (GRTR), International Relations (INTL), Latin (LAT), Russian Literature, Culture and Translation (RLCT), Russian Translation (RUTR), Spanish Literature, Culture and Translation (SLCT), Spanish Translation (SPTR), Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and minors in American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic (ARAB), Business French (BFR), Business German (BGER), Business Russian (BRUS), Business Spanish (BSPA), Chinese (CHIN), Classics (CLSS), French (FR), German (GER), Greek (GRE), Italian (ITAL), Japanese (JAPN), Latin (LAT), Russian (RUSS) and Spanish (SPAN).