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Residence is defined as academic credit earned at Kent State University. In this context, residence does not refer to whether a student lives on campus; it refers to the hours required to earn a degree or certificate from Kent State University.

Undergraduate Students

For bachelor’s degree programs, students must complete a minimum of 30 passed hours in residence, of which 9 passed hours must be at the upper division (30000, 40000) level in the major. For associate degree programs, students must complete a minimum of 15 passed hours in residence. For certificate programs, students must complete a minimum 50 percent of the certificate’s total required passed hours in residence. Some certificate programs may require more. Passed hours comprise graded coursework, including those receiving an S (satisfactory) or Y (pass) grade. Information on specific degree or certificate requirements may be obtained in the college section of the University Catalog. Kent State study-abroad and study-away programs that count toward a student’s Kent State University hours may be taken as part of the residence requirement.

Credit earned by means of transfer courses does not count toward residence. Transient study will not count toward the hours of residence, but it will not invalidate residence requirements in progress. Students eligible to take transient coursework are discouraged from taking these credits during their last semester because of the time necessary to receive and process transcripts, which may delay clearing the student for graduation. Under unusual circumstances, students may request a minor modification of this requirement by contacting their college prior to registration elsewhere.

Graduate Students

Residence requirements are determined by the graduate departments. Please consult the appropriate department as to its residence requirement for the degree.