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Spanish Literature, Culture and Translation - B.A. Program Requirements PDFDownload to print

Type Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Type Course Title Credits
  US 10097 Destination Kent State: First Year Experience 1
Type Course Title Credits
  SPAN 18201 Elementary Spanish I (4)  
    18202 Elementary Spanish II (4)  
    28201 Intermediate Spanish I (3)  
    28202 Intermediate Spanish II (3)  
III. MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (40 credits) 2  Courses count in major GPA 
Type Course Title Credits
  SPAN 38211 Spanish Grammar and Composition 3
    38213 Spanish Reading and Conversation 3
    38215 Spanish Phonetics and Diction 3
    38231 Translation Practice: Spanish 1
    38421 Civilization of Spain 3
    38424 Culture and Civilization of Latin America 3
    48215 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation 3
  TRST 30230 Approaches to Translation 3
  Choose from the following: 3
  MCLS 20000 Global Literacy and Cultural Awareness (3)  
    30420 Foreign Language and Culture Studies (3)+  
  Choose from the following: Spanish Survey Literature 3 3
WIC SPAN 38330 Early Spanish Literature (3)  
WIC   38331 Recent Spanish Literature (3)  
  Choose from the following: Spanish-American Survey Literature 3
WIC   38334 Early Spanish-American Literature (3)  
WIC   38335 Recent Spanish-American Literature (3)  
  Choose from the following Spanish Literature or Cultural Electives:
6 hours must be at the 40000 level
  SPAN 38240 Conversation for Business (3)  
    38330 Early Spanish Literature (3)  
    38331 Recent Spanish Literature (3)  
    38334 Early Spanish-American Literature (3)  
    38335 Recent Spanish-American Literature (3)  
    48095 Special Topics in Spanish (3)  
    48216 Contemporary Hispanic Culture (3)  
    48230 Advanced Translation Practice: Spanish (3)  
    48240 Business and Special Texts: Spanish (3)  
    48364 Generation of '98 and After (3)  
    48366 The Novel of the Mexican Revolution (3)  
    48372 Spanish-American Novel I (3)  
    48376 Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story (3)  
    48378 U.S. Latina/o Writers (3)  
    48422 Early Spanish-American Discourse (3)  
    48423 Spanish-American Indian Discourse (3)  
  TRST 38303 Medical Spanish Translation and Interpreting (3)  
Type Course Title Credits
  Kent Core Composition 6
  Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning 3-5
  Kent Core Humanities and Fine Arts (minimum one course from each) 9
  Kent Core Social Sciences (must be from two disciplines) 6
  Kent Core Basic Sciences (must include one laboratory) 6-7
  Kent Core Additional 6
  College General Requirement (must be from Kent Core Basic Sciences) 5 3
  College General Requirement (must be from Kent Core Social Sciences) 6 3
  General Electives (minimum 10 upper-division credit hours)
Credits required depends on meeting minimum 120 credit hours and minimum 42 upper-division credit hours


1 Many students begin their university studies with substantial proficiency in Spanish and therefore, should begin their program of study with the first course in the Spanish major, SPAN 38211. Other students may need to complete one or more of the prerequisite courses: SPAN 18201, SPAN 18202, SPAN 28201, SPAN 28202. Starting Spanish studies in the appropriate courses(s) is critical to on-time graduation. All students intending to major in Spanish should contact a Spanish faculty advisor in the department of Modern and Classical Language Studies for individualized placement and advising information prior to enrolling in their first Spanish course. Students entering the university with substantial knowledge of Spanish should consider taking the College-Level Examination Program ( ) through which they may receive up to 14 hours of university credit. Students wishing to earn credit through CLEP should take the exam several weeks prior to enrolling in their first Spanish course to ensure eligibility, timely granting of credits, and timely placement into the correct Spanish courses(s).

2 All courses taken from the list of major program requirements are used in the calculation of the major GPA.

3 One course must be passed with minimum C grade to fulfill the writing-intensive requirement. Survey literature courses not applied to this category may be used to fulfill one requirement in the 3/40000 elective category.

4 Students who fulfill the language requirement in fewer than 14 hours as a result of starting their Spanish studies in a course higher than SPAN 28202, will complete remaining hours with general electives.

5 One additional course taken from the Kent Core Basic Science courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Biological Sciences (BSCI), Chemistry (CHEM), Geography (GEOG), Geology (GEOL) or Physics (PHY). Students may take the courses listed in the "introductory" sequences with the restrictions noted above in the Kent Core Basic Science section. The course may not be from the student's major.

6 One additional course taken from the Kent Core Social Sciences courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Applied Conflict Management (CACM), Geography (GEOG), Criminology and Justice Studies (JUS), Political Science (POL), Psychology (PSYC) or Sociology (SOC). The course may not be from the student's major.

+ Spanish teaching licensure candidates completing an Education minor should take MCLS 30420.

Note: All Spanish Literature, Culture and Translation majors must take the American Council on the the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview, ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test and the Spanish Outcomes Assessment Test, prior to being cleared for graduation. Information about the exams can be found on the ACTFL Website and the Language Testing International (LTI) website, the exclusive licensee of ACTFL. B.A. in Spanish Literature, Culture and Translation candidates should consult with their designated Spanish faculty advisor for more information on arranging to take the proficiency exams.